Follicular Grouping the Innovative hair transplant turkey Technique

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Experiments performed by the hair transplantation specialist Dr Seager in 1996 gave substantial support to the surgical method of unit follicular hair transplantation. Because these experiments had shown that the survival price of the intact follicular unit was far better than the single hair micro-grafts, using micro-grafts for hair transplant surgical procedure was more or less dropped. The results of surgical hair reconstruction with the usage of follicular device transplants were sound as well as aesthetically pleasing, this kind of hair transplant surgical procedure endured from the drawback of requiring a long time duration (6-8 hr) to finish a transplant session.

It involved teams of very competent aides for the hair transplant treatment of dividing the follicular systems. A lowered success in follicular unit hair transplant was extra frequent in hair remediation surgeries that were being executed by hair transplantation doctors carrying out follicular system transplant surgical procedure only occasionally. The truth was of much concern to the professional hair transplant surgeon. The key factor for a minimized success rate was that the aides of the hair transplantation doctor lacked the experience and also experience in properly isolating solitary follicular units and exploring them in a fast lane.

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Ensuring that the follicular device stays intact and is studied hair transplant turkey and implanted right into the scalp in the shortest possible is important for increasing the chances of the hair follicles enduring the process and expanding. However whenever an assistant was unable to look after this crucial element, it affected the results. For the above-mentioned reasons, a strategy that leaves the follicular unit intact however at the same time supports using three and four-haired follicular groups for surgical hair restoration was developed by the innovative hair transplant surgeons. This procedure was located to have several benefits over the follicular device transplant.

A single hair follicular unit does not always comprise a solitary hair and also may have 2-4 hairs in a single hole. When the follicular units are located really close to each various other in the contributor skin example it is not advisable to separate them as it can create iatrogenic damages to them. When 2 two-haired follicular devices or a 3 haired unit as well as one-haired device are normally placed very close to each various other, the benefit of this reality is taken to form three-and four-haired collections. A team (of 1-4 follicular units naturally placed close to each other) transplanted as a single graft leads to exceptional hair growth and also at the very same time reduces the surgical damages and also injury to the recipient site.